Monday, December 8, 2008

And they sang Away in a Manger

Giving her brother a hug before we leave for the Christmas Program.  We were all a little shocked!

She even accessorized her dress with a bracelet.  She's all about the bling.

As you can see, she had her eyes on us for most of the program.

This camel was too cute for words.  The humps were peoples heads.  Awesome!

I could eat her up, she is so cute.

This was Rosey's 2nd Christmas program at her church school.  Last year was a disaster as she couldn't see us and had a meltdown.  So this year, we parked ourselves in the 2nd row for a perfect view.  When she walked in and was situated on the stage, she immediately started looking for us.  The joy illuminated her face when she found us.

She actually sang and did the motions and sounds that went with the program, all the while waving and smiling at us.  It warmed our hearts and brought tears to my eyes.  There is no greater joy than watching your children do well at something or even just DO!  She was incredible!  We love her so much.

As for the DUDE, well you can imagine how it is when all the attention is on his sister.  He was a tad bit loud stating he wanted to go home.  This is after running back and forth from the christmas tree, skipping all the way.

Just think!  Next year he will be the one doing the program and Rosey will be watching from the audience.  
How quickly things change?

Every time we passed a Nativity while we were out viewing the Christmas lights afterwards, she would say that was what her program was about.  Smart kid.

When I put her to bed she told me that Away in a Manger was her favorite song from the program.  She also wanted to know if I thought she was the best singer.  Of course my child, the angels don't compare.


Tamaratravel said...

Rosey's looking like she is going to a handful when a teenager...She's got the look...very cute..

Margaret said...

Love the shocked "hug" look on the Dude's face.

grandmadebbie said...

Rosey is just so cute. I love to see the kids do their programs. Well Robin how much money do you have?lol.... By the way did you know that I had Gastric bypass in 2007? Have loss 194 lbs.

Shannon said...

Rosey looks beautiful. I love those sweet nativity programs... now I get to go to the school band concerts! (But I still think my kids sound the best.)