Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Over it

 There were a few items from Mr. Finn's bachelor days that made their way into my kitchen cabinets.  One of them was this pan.  It has been well used in 11 years of marriage.  In fact, it has actually lost the ability to be non-stick in this past year.

In many ways this pan is like me.  I feel worn down.  I don't let anything roll off my back anymore.  It just sticks to me and I can't seem to get it off.  Especially when it comes to Mr. Finn.

I used to think he was really funny, but not so much these days.
As he told Miss Boo, "Mom had her sense of humor surgically removed", in response to her comment that I (Mom) didn't find him (Dad) funny.
I couldn't even find that funny.
I wonder why that is.
Was he never funny and I was just in the "honeymoon" phase of our life?
Was I not as serious back then?
Or have I indeed lost my sense of humor?
The truth is that I don't have an answer to that conundrum right now.  I will have to ponder it some more and hopefully I can figure out what happened, because according to Mr. Finn he is really funny.
I suppose he can be.  At times.  Not all the time.
But, for now I have a new pan that is shiny and everything rolls out of it like butter.


Shannon said...

I think having children changes a sense of humor... it's hard to laugh when you are worn out! I love your new red-handled pan.

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Ha!!! I LOVE this post!!! If it makes you feel better we went through that EXACT same thing just a few weeks ago. Almost those EXACT same words were used! And we've only been married 6 1/2 years. ;) To fix our little "slump" as I call it I started working out at the YMCA which means I get ALONE time all too myself EVERY DAY!(without kids-doing something that makes me look and feel better) Occasionally (when I WANT him too) Will joins me and my sense of humor is SLOWLY starting to come back. Who knows....maybe it'll make a full recovery yet. Maybe yours will too. If not, you guys can always come vacation here for some RR! ;) Will and him can enjoy eachother's "HILARIOUS-NESS" while WE roll our eyes at their lack of!! lol