Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Four Eyes are better than...

Miss Boo has had her glasses for over a month and most of the time they can be found here.

Not here.

She tends to get headaches when she doesn't wear them to school and especially for reading.  Besides, I think she looks adorable in them.  I wish I could have had pink glasses when I was a kid.  Maybe I would have looked happier in this picture.

Seriously!  I am the only one in this photo not smiling.  
Maybe that is where Miss Boo gets it from.  
She isn't a big smiler.  
Well, actually she isn't big on showing her teeth when she smiles.  
She is subtle.
Like her Mom.
(maybe it is because of the "beautiful" dress I am wearing.  Why am I in a long dress?)

So, after careful consideration I made this sign for the back door...

Miss Boo,
Do you have
your glasses?

Let's see if it helps.


Shannon said...

I love seeing childhood photos of you - Miss Boo really resembles her momma! And you are wearing a long dress because that was the height of style in 1977... just check out my Christmas pics from that year! ;)

Margaret said...

You look adorable. I remember thinking you didn't smile much when I first met you but then found out you smile a LOT.

Long dresses - how cool is that? Little house on the prairie culture?

Our Family said...

I did not know your hair was not so dark...naturally.... I love it both ways.

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh my gosh! You two look ALIKE! I never realized that but holy cow!! Adorable!