Friday, January 7, 2011

The Art of Listening

A woman says to her husband, "Where did you put the picture of the grandkids we got in the mail?"

I don't know replies her husband.

She replies, "I hope you didn't burn them." (Her husband had burned the christmas wrapping paper earlier that day.)

Later she finds the pictures and tells her husband that she found them.

She then turns her attention to another picture given them by another daughter. Discovering it to be the wrong size she tells her husband that she is going to scan it and make it the size she has hanging on her wall.

Satisfied with the work she has done for the day she goes to bed sure all is well in the world.

The next day upon arriving home from work she sees another copy of the picture she scanned and reduced sitting on the table. Wondering why there was another copy she asks her husband.

He replies; "I told her you burned her picture so we needed another one!"


Nobody got burned in the making of this story.

This story is not about me and my hubby.

It is a true story.