Thursday, December 9, 2010

School Christmas Program

As you can see by the view of the camera we arrived too late to be seated with the rest of the folks.  We ended up in the balcony with those filming the Event for the first performance at 4 p.m.
The Dude was happy with this, but proved to be the undoing of my nerves.

And of a few others as well. I am sure the woman next to us was cursing my son as she was reviewing her taping the evening evert time she heard The Dude complain about having to pee or that he was bored or he wanted to do the make the video.  I'm sure it added to her Christmas memories.

(Miss Boo is in the back row, far left in the Shepherds costume.)
She had a part this year which totally cracked me up.
She had to speak as if she had spent too much time with her flock.
That staff almost put out a few eyes.
Just ask her teacher that is smiling behind her.
Don't worry we shortened it for the second showing.

She is the cutest shepherd ever!
I don't say that because I am her Mother.
Well, maybe a little.
But when it came to the singing...

She has been practicing every night for 2 months in bed.
This is the first year that she has thrown herself into the program and wasn't a bit shy.

Even my little boy was all about the show!

I wish I had a picture of her fall that happened right after this.
She is so wiggly and fidgety that she kept toppling over.
Totally made my night.
At this point the Dude had lost interest.  Thank heavens for that railing to prop him up.
As a Mom I am horrified that we left the house in such a rush I didn't notice how dirty he had gotten since we left Church.
I just wish I knew what he had.
I'm guessing chocolate!

This picture is in here because this kid looked like this through the entire program.
I laughed out loud!
Several times.

The program was so enjoyable.  And the kids did a fantastic job.  So proud of my kids.  Now if I could just get the movie to download for you all to watch.
I know you are waiting for it.
It is totally funny and worth every second.
Take my word for it.

Big shout out to Mrs. P!  You rock!


Shannon said...

Oh, how I miss those primary-age Christmas programs! So sweet! We have the secondary school music concert next Monday. The kids aren't quite as cute, but the music is still very enjoyable. :)

Tamaratravel said...

Love your comments..They made me laugh..What a fun night to remember..