Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Miracle

I bundled up the children in their "best" for the Ward Christmas Party.  We even brought along a Bush Baby as Christmas isn't the same without one.  Lots of Gingerbread Houses for centerpieces and go figure the Dude wasn't happy with any.  We looked at all 12 tables to find one that was acceptable.  p.s.  this wasn't it, but I changed tables for dessert because I didn't like sitting in the back like I was banished for being "naughty".

Dessert is always the big hit and boy did we have some good stuff to eat.
And then there was caroling by our sweet little offspring.

Pay no mind to the Dude.  He really didn't want to be part of it, but it meant he got to be on the stage and you know what that is for kids.  His friend Brodyn really got into the song though.

And after 2 hours of whiney kids.  The Dude smashed his thumb in the car door when we arrived which made for a bad combination.  We left.  Home we went and into our jammies.  Well, the Dude and I got into ours lickety split.  And then...

It started.

The crying.

The whining.


The Dude didn't get to see Santa.  Not that I didn't ask, but because he was in a bad mood and we left.  His sister does not do photos with Santa, so it wasn't even an option for her.

And the crying continued with such fortitude I knew it was going to be a bad night.


I put on my biggest and longest raincoat to hide my pajamas.

And off we went back to the church to see...

Santa Claus!

And then the MIRACLE!
The first picture in history of Miss Boo sitting on Santa's lap.

It was worth those smiles and the memories.


Shannon said...

Worth it for sure! And what a story you will have for the grandkids :)

Anonymous said...

This truly is a Christmas Miracle, Ms. Boo has resisted Santa for years. I wish I could have seen it with my own eyes-Mr. Finn

Tamaratravel said...

I'm so glad I wasn't there for the wining and crying part..You were brave heading back to church but the reward was great..Love the photos..

BEN and LAURIE said...

Cute entry. I can totally relate! Ward parties with kids are fun...up until a point and then all I can think is that I want to get out of there before I lose it with the kids!

Enid said...

Proud of you for going back then it was worth it!!!