Monday, December 6, 2010

Projects Completed

 I love Advent Calendars and have always wanted something a little more formal than what I had.  This one was a Super Saturday project and I loved it.  I found this framed at Michaels for less than $10 and well... what more can I say!  Look at that detail. Wow!

I learned that I can do new things with or without instruction.  The lady that was supposed to teach this class had to leave because her daughter had the flu.  She wrote down some things on a piece of paper on how to do it, but I don't read "crochet".  I went home and sat down with my crochet hook and yarn and to my delight, out of my happy accidents came these adorable head bands.

Miss Boo loves them and has put in an order for lots and lots of them in as many colors as she can think of.  It takes me less than an hour to finish one, so she may be in luck.
 We have always put the stockings down in the family room, but I believe they belong on the mantle.  I never knew how to get them to hang right without nailing them until I found this interesting box of suction cups with clamp looking things on them.  Perfect for hanging stockings.

 The Dude was responsible for picking out our Christmas tree this year and no matter how much I tried to change his mind we ended up with a 6 foot one.  I prefer them much taller and fuller, but when you are less than 4 foot tall this one is HUGE.

We are as ready as ever for Christmas and interestingly enough I opted to not do as much this year.  I am tired of decorating so much and then having to take it all down.  By myself.

If only I could get the attitudes of grumpy little children to change, it would be a wonderful Holiday Season.  For some reason the four year old has hit the terrible two's.

And... I am not liking it.  Not one single bit!


Shannon said...

I love your countdown calendar - that frame is the perfect compliment! And the headbands are too, too cute. Don't you just love crochet? I learned from a book last year; I am s-l-o-w, but it is just like magic to see that finished project evolve out of a ball of yarn. And this is the best peak I have had at your home - so beautiful and cozy! The dude may be acting "terribly two" but he's got great taste in trees! :)

Shannon said...

Peak? Peek! Oh, you know what I mean.

Robin said...

I totally get you Shannon!

Anonymous said...

Hey I love those, can you send me the instructions for the calendar and the crochet headbands, please, if you can make them so can I.

Anonymous said...

Hey I helped, I put the tree in the stand-Mr. Finn

Tamaratravel said...

Love the headbands..I would love to learn how to do those..and I agree with Shannon..The Dude did pretty good on picking out the tree..It looks so festive..

Stacey said...

Love the headbands and the advent calender!OK especially the calender!! I know what you mean about decorating. Ihave soooo many nativities and no desire to clear space to put them up. By myself.