Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Apparently Christmas morning was more exciting than I had anticipated.

I only took 8 pictures the whole day.  Mr. Finn must believe this to be a Christmas Miracle.

The Dude was so enraptured with his slinky.  Go figure that the cheapest things are the most beloved.

Well, at least until he opened the Nintendo DS from Mom and Dad.  (of course there isn't a picture because that would have been a keeper)  Then...

He really only had eyes for that gorgeous blue exterior.  I warned Mr. Finn to not give him that box first.  Oh well!  What can you do?
That big white tower thing is Miss Boo's doll house that Mr. Finn and I got her.  She was so happy about it.  I have never heard so many thank you's and how did you knows.  She was/is worth it.
 The Dude took his stocking by surprise.  Who knew what was going on in his mind.
 Once again with the slinky.  Santa gifted them well with Zhu Zhu pets this year.
Just enough to fill up her dollhouse.  Ha!
 And the dear old Christmas Tree gifted us with...

 You guessed it.  Apparently it couldn't hold it's water this year.

But doesn't this little guy put a smile on your face?  The Canadian Grandmas gave the kids these cats that are both named "Paws".
I love that they don't need a litter box and won't tear up the furniture.
Ironically, they still get underfoot.

Have a Happy New Year!

We are going to the Hockey game like we did last year.  A great family tradition.

Much love to all of you.

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Shannon said...

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year! Sorry about your floor :(