Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Billy Idol

What happened to my little boy?  He woke up one day a little man.

I remember the day he was born.  I was so nervous about having a C-section.  We arrived at the Hospital at 6:00 a.m. as ordered, where I ran into Sister Jacque Hollars as she was getting off night shift at St. Lukes Maternity Ward.  She dropped her purse at the nurses station and said she would get me ready.  What a blessing that was to me!  One hour later at 7:17 a.m. Ryan Wellington came into our world.  As they dunked him over the curtain for me to see, all I could think was, "Hey, he looks like Billy Idol!"    Platinum blond hair and bright blue eyes that I prayed he would keep, even though every person known to man at that time said they wouldn't stay...all babies are born with blue eyes.  Really!?!?  (Rosey's were steel gray and darkened immediately), so I was holding out for this little guy.  The tears started to flow, which I wasn't prepared for.  Maybe it was knowing what a miracle it was to have him here with us.

I had Ralph follow the nurses (I didn't want him out of eyesight) as they took our precious little boy to check him over and then when they had finished with me I was taken to my room.  As I laid there waiting for my husband and baby to come back I was overcome with the whole experience.  I don't remember having such deep thoughts with Rosey, but then again I didn't do 17 hours of labor with Ryan and wasn't tired.  

Finally, I could hear the sounds of the baby cart coming down the hallway.  I was desperate to hold that little guy in my arms.  He smelled heavenly to me and to this day, the top of his head is a source of joy for me.  I can't even describe the smell, but it is my Ryan and no other has that scent.  Looking into his face I knew I would remember that moment forever, but as I looked at him Sunday morning all ready in his best clothes I had another moment where I was overcome with the whole experience.  My little baby is growing up and I can't go back and hold that sweet baby anymore.  

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Shannon said...

He is one handsome boy! Time flies, doesn't it?
Speaking of that, you will notice today that I have commented on the whole last month of your blog posts in one sitting. For some reason, each time I checked your blog and saw you "our story" post on top, I got confused and thought you didn't have anything new up. Duh! I will be more attentive from here on out. :)