Monday, October 6, 2008

The Buzz

The Buzz around town is about the announcement of the Kansas City Temple.  I had calls from as far away as California wanting to know if I had the inside scoop on where it might be.  I wish I was in the "In" crowd, but I will have to wait along with the rest of the Missouri Saints as to where it will be built.  

The selfish part of me thinks Platte City would be perfect, but that's what dreams are made of.  Who knows, it could be Independence, since they did say the Greater Kansas City Area.  That opens up a plethora (that's for your Nader) of possibilities.  

Wherever they put it will be grand as Winter Quarters is a whole day trip for us.  Those with little children don't get the opportunity to go often and now we will blessed with being able to go more often.  We will certainly get to see if we are truly committed to Temple attendance when it is closer.

I loved General Conference.  This the first time in a looooonnnnnngggggg time that I have committed to sitting down and watching it all and not waiting until the Ensign comes out.  

I even got a call from Kara, my mission companion.  It 's always fun to get her take on the Conference.  It was a great day.  Hey, we even had a picnic in the family room.


Shannon said...

congrats on the temple news! Since moving, I really miss the one in Bellevue. Now we have to drive at least three hours to go (I know, I know - for a lot of people thats nothing).
I enjoyed conference, too; and love the idea of a picnic in the family room!

p.s. - loving the festive background and music :)

Williamson Fam said...

I too enjoyed conference...what we go to see of it. Of course it came in on the one channel we do not get! So Sunday we went over to the in-laws to watch. Oh and BTW...the "gray" comment was in response to your natural hair color being brown mingled with gray. It just brought to mind when you asked my mom what her natural hair color I said, funny!