Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things of Joy

The frost nuked my tomato plants.
 I could only save a few.
Don't mess with the Rosebud
"I mell fresh!"

Things that give me joy today:

1.   New sink and faucet.  After 3 days without water in a kitchen I have a greater respect for pioneers.

2.  Pink fingernail polish.  Made Rosey happy.  (not that you can tell in this photo)

3.  Freshly bathed little Boy.  

4. Homemade brownies.  (Thanks Hannah for the recipe)

5.  Granny space above my kitchen cabinets.


Tamaratravel said...

I miss my space above the cabinets..great display the new was worth it I'm sure...don't tell Peter I put his picture up with him in a diaper..he would kill me...

Shannon said...

Mmhmm, all of those things are delightful. Thanks for posting; it made me happy just thinking about them! Will you also post that brownie recipe?

The White House said...

what happened to your sink? the green things are actually from a tree off of running horse I dont know what they are but they are cool.