Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall and Boo Boos

I truly believe Fall has arrived.  The nights are very chilly (50 degrees) and the days are in the 70's.  We really didn't have a summer, so Fall is welcome for a change.

The kids were a little stir crazy the other day so I took them outside to play.  They immediately started in on me to put up the slip n slide.  Are you crazy?!  It wasn't that warm, but there comes a time as a Mother when you just don't care.  Let them have their fun!  I don't remember being that cold when I was young and summers didn't get as warm as they do here.  So out went the Slip n Slide.  They had fun for about 40 minutes and then the lips got a little blue, so we packed it in.

By the way, the kids get their fair skin from me.  After a summer outside they still look white.

The end of Summer....sigh....skinned elbows and knees.  (did you notice Ryan's elbow?)


Shannon said...

Oh, how fun! You are such a nice mom... I think I would have been telling my kids they were crazy! BTW, love the spooky background :)

Boons said...

Looks like they had a great time even if it was a little on the chilly side! Your kids are still beautiful whether they're white-skinned or not! :-)