Monday, June 25, 2012


See Mommy.  Look at that kitty "vetch" the ball.

I love that boy!  It seems almost impossible to me that I could love him so much. But from the things he says to the things he does, I am in love.
Little boy in love with a vintage car

He says things with such certainty.  And never even notices when you correct him.  The babysitter last week tried to get him to say something correctly.  I shot her a pretty dirty look.

Don't touch that!

I like that he mispronounces things.  He will figure it out in due time.

My Boo did.  I was sad when she quite saying we needed to stay out of the "minnow" of the road.  And she wanted a drink of "waqui".

I miss those things.

How many times in your life can you have a conversation that goes like this.

Mommy, come look at my wizard.

You have a wizard?  He then shows me a lizard.

Buddy, that is a lizard.

I know... Wizard.

Cute wittle wizard, Bud.

I said "wizard" Mommy, not "wizard".

Oh... Wizard.   I get you.

No!  Mommy, I said wizard, not Wizard.

I have tears in my eyes I am laughing so hard and trying not to do it loudly.

I love my kids.
This is the mode my kids are in right now.  Always fighting.  How long does this go on? Do they ever stop?


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Shannon said...

Bronte called sleeveless shirts "tanker tops" for years and I never corrected her, because I thought it was so cute. :)