Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Bounty

 When the hail storm last year put holes in my deck and furniture, the insurance company was nice enough to pay to replace them.  I was feeling very festive when I bought these. I already had the light blue pillows and they match.  Sort of.
 I experimented with Sunflowers this year.  They are so cheery and did you know they grow in pots quite well?
 My Aunt bought me this beautiful Impatients plant when she was visiting for Miss Boo's baptism.  This plant looks this way every morning.  Every night I dead head it and Voila!  The gift that keeps on giving.  Thanks Aunt Lois.
 I am doing Cilantro again this year.  Learned a few things last year that definitely helped.  The 110 degree weather isn't helping much.  Did you know it goes to seed at 78 degrees?  Means... pinch off the flowers or it will seed and get lanky.  I ate a lot of it and then let it go to seed.  Just pull off the seeds and throw them in the soil and in a couple of weeks you will have a fresh crop.  Love it!
 I was afraid my basil wouldn't make it.  Some bug had eaten it to the ground, but it came back while I was on vacation in Canada.  You should see it now.  This was a month ago.  It is 5 times as big and tall.  The leaves are amazing.  Learned a lot about Basil as well last year.  You have to keep pulling out the new growth when it gets to the height you want as it will flower and the leaves will be puny.  Pinch it off nightly and the leaves will be huge.  Yumm!
This jelly bean tomato plant is a dream.  Neverending tomatoes and it loves the pot.

I told a friend the other day that I was a pot grower and she started to laugh.

I GET IT!  Funny, really.


Shannon said...

These photos make me so happy! Now I know who to call when I want to become a "pot grower" hehe

Will and Marcie Davis said...

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Maybe I will have to try being a "pot grower" too!!! This IS WA!! I could probably get a card for the REAL stuff too...RIGHT next to MY sunflowers!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Love you and your beautiful fabulous pillows!!! They make me happy just looking at them!