Friday, June 1, 2012

The finale of a great week.

I know I have been home for over a week, but it has to be written that the last of my trip was wonderful and my homecoming was pretty fabulous.

The kids and I have been watching the Canadian show "Cupcakes" for quite some time.  I remember when they were talking about finding a location in the new Uptown Mall.  Who knew it was going to be across the street from my Aunt's condo.  I was pretty excited so I took a picture and had Mr. Finn show it to the kids.  The Dude's response was "NO FAIR!".  Pretty bummed that I got to eat a cupcake from there.  He has become quite the cupcake expert from all his "cupcake" shows.  He can even tell you the correct technique for frosting one.  Love that boy!

Only in Victoria will you see men walking on the sidewalk in kilts!  Helps that the Highland Games were in town, but seriously...
This guy couldn't understand why I was taking a picture of them.  Are you kidding me?  Nobody was going to believe me when I told them what I saw while driving past the mall.
 The Parliament Building has always been one of my favorite things.
I love the homes and flowers.  It is so incredibly beautiful there.
This is the home I knew as a child.  My grandparents home that my Uncle and Aunt now live in.  Holds so many memories for me.
 I have never been inside this building, but it is on my bucket list.  It is a restaurant.
 I arrived at the ferry in time to wait inside after going through customs, but was very hungry.  Thank heavens for snacks.  I would like to point out that this was the healthiest I ate the entire time.  You can verify that with my waistline.
While in the Everett, WA area, I made sure to take a picture of where my first born came into the world.
And for the first time since I can remember I fell in love with a dog.
Don't let that get out.  I don't like dogs.

Really... I don't.
Except Mack.  He found a way to my heart.  He didn't lick me constantly and make me want to hurl.  Pretty sweet guy.

Have you ever flown Southwest?  I haven't for over ten years, but was pleasantly surprised to having everyone cheering me on as I was boarding.  Ha!  Loved the hallways with all the happy people.
 The best thing I saw was these two faces waiting for me when I got off the plane.
 It got crazy really fast.
 Welcome home!
 I brought them light up jelly rings.  Go Mom!
 It was a blessing to have a husband that can and will take care of the children so I can go and revamp myself.  It was a needed trip for many reasons.

Thank you Nader!


Will and Marcie Davis said...

WOW!!! I am SO glad you got to go!!! GOOD job Ralph!!! I am VERY impressed here! :) It looks BEAUTIFUL however I am a little PO that you were in Everett and didn't tell me!! SO CLOSE!!!! I would have dropped EVERYTHING to do lunch or something.....NEXT time you let me know!!! DEAL???

Will and Marcie Davis said...

P.S. I am SO flying Southwest next time!!! I SO want to be applauded and have everyone cheering for me as I come and go!!! How AWESOME is that! :)

Shannon said...

The cupcakes look delicious - B was just in Glasgow and was equally excited to see men walking about in kilts - your Grandparents (Aunt & Uncles) house is PERFECT - and I can see why eating at that beautiful building is on your list! It looks like a wonderful trip... especially the homecoming. ;)