Friday, March 9, 2012


This is one of my new favorite words.  I have always been a bit of and "upcycler".  Some might have termed me as a bit of a hoarder.

Just a wee bit.

I get it from my grandmothers.  One was a true hoarder of rubber bands, plastic bags, etc.  My other is so thrifty and can stretch a dollar a country mile.

I inherited their genes that got activated during the depression.

It is an obsession for me to save things that I "might" be able to use later.  Since I was a kid I have been doing that.

Now, thanks to all those DIY blogs, I have more ideas than I know what to do with.
 Here are a couple of upcycles from boxes that I put together for Valentines.

 This box was hideous.  Seriously, who picks the colors and what not that goes on chocolate candy boxes.  I could see this in bright spring colors.  And, of course, not gold ric rac.
 I have fallen in love with ric rac.  Found a great deal on Pick Your Plum.
She has a new deal every day and sometimes it is something I will use.  40 yards of 4 different colors of ric rac.  So many uses.
 This was a card box.
 Perfect for one dozen chocolate covered strawberries.


Shannon said...

Robin, those boxes are DARLING! Those chocolate covered strawberries don't look too bad, either...

Will and Marcie Davis said... AMAZE me!!! WOW!!! If only I would put my "up cycling" (as you so wonderfully put it) to such GOOD use! Love it! :)