Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Contract Completed

As you all know, I took a painting contract with my friend Laurie in December.  It was the hardest, most grueling couple of days ever.  We worked under extreme conditions... no overhead lighting and only two days to paint 5200 square feet.

We got the spraying done and then had to get out for the flooring guys to come in.  Can you believe they whined when they got 11 days to lay the flooring?  Sissies!

The problem is that without adequate lighting and lots of paint fumes, we were unable to be completely consistent on 2/3 rds of the building.  And... there was a lot of damage to walls by the contractors (flooring, electrical, plumbing and air conditioning) which created a lot of fixes and touch up.  With the paint tones, a simple touch up would not work.  We had to roll the entire wall.

So yesterday we decided to just get it finished.  At one point we were tired and wanted to hang it up to be home early, but stuck it out.  What a huge relief to have that part finished.

I am proud of what we did together.  It was daunting, but the dollar signs were dazzling. A lot of motivation to do it.  We/I learned a lot about painting large spaces.  How else do you learn besides doing.  Most people apprentice with a painter, we jump in, take a contract and work our tails off to make it right.

We also have gotten to do the decorating and that part has been a blast.  Takes way more time than painting, but it lets my creative side come out and see the sun for a bit.

The picture above is the hallway the patients take to the check out desk.  We wanted them to know they were appreciated.  It turned out classy.  I love vinyl.  I was asked why would I want a mirror on the wall as they leave the dentist' chair.


There is nothing worse than walking around with chalky stuff on your lips and you don't know it.  This way you can check as you leave.

Thanks Laurie for being a hard worker.  I couldn't/wouldn't have done it without you .


Shannon said...

LOVE the mirror idea - and the vinyl! I am sure the dentist is thrilled with his new digs!

Ben and Laurie said...

I LOVE your decorating ideas! The vinyl, among other things, was the perfect touch.

Will and Marcie Davis said...

You did amazing and you were right!!! The customers will be thanking you for the mirror idea!! :) You are a genius! :)