Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lots and lots of Oops

Last weekend was one of those counter productive ones.
 I brought up flour from the basement because I was worried that the flour was going bad in the bucket.
 With good reason... the lid popped off while I was coming up the stairs.
Bounced and then rolled spilling flinging its contents all over the place
 The Dude was quick to help.
 Well, he mostly wanted to blow into the vacuum hose.  Not sure why, but he thought it was fun.
 Miss Boo grabbed a broom, well, something resembling one.

We are both so tired.  We kept dropping things.

Making more work.  Hence, making us more tired.

And dare I say grumpy.

Mr. Finn took over cleaning up the flour and let me get out of the house.  My mood didn't lend to it being a pleasant clean up.

Later, he let me make up for it when he dropped three cans of Dr. Pepper on the floor.
That was a mess!
I am still cleaning it up.  As far up as the upper edge of the window and into the foyer.
It was nuts.


Shannon said...

It sounds like one of those times when you either have to laugh or cry... usually I resort to hysterics, and do both! ;) I hope the upcoming weekend is MUCH better!

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Bwahahaha!!!! I love you Robin!!!! This sounds SO like my week. No matter how hard I tried....I just failed. I love that you saw the humor in it and took pictures! Good for you!