Saturday, March 31, 2012

Things that make my heart...

 Skip a beat.  I love this little boy.  I love that he doesn't care that he is in his dress socks, shorts and a long sleeve shirt.  I love that he is comfortable running around in the front yard over and over again until he thinks I have the perfect picture of him.
He melts my heart.  There is just something about little boys.  Well, maybe just my little boy.  But, if you are a Mom of a boy, you get it.


Will and Marcie Davis said...

AMEN girl AMEN!!! There IS something about my little man that just tugs at my heart.....maybe if I had more than one ...but since I only have one...he is just SO special and EVERY day he melts my heart too! :) I'm right there with you! Your little man is TOO dang cute! :)

Shannon said...

I miss the little boy stage... but my big boys (and girl) are snugly settled into my heart as well! ;)

btw, VERY cute photos!