Saturday, November 19, 2011


I tagged a long for visit to Aunt Jane in Columbia.
Sometimes in a family you end up with the norm...
1 whole sister, 2 half sisters, 1 adopted brother/nephew and 2 step sisters.

I was asked by someone when my sisters were coming for their visit, "Which ones?".

My reply, "the ones I like".

It's funny that in a family, you can have a strained relationship with your "biological" family and the "step" one can become the one you most relate to.  

I'm not saying that it started out this way with my step sisters, it was definitely a process and took a lot of time.  

Maybe that is why it is enduring and why I enjoy being around them so much.
It isn't hard to be around them.  Just easy, cheesy, nice and peasy.   (can you name the movie?)

Mainly because I don't feel judged all the time or that there is something else motivating the visit.  I just get to be with them and laugh.  We do have fun together.
Besides, they got me to see some sights that I haven't been to here.  Almost 6 years and didn't even know about the Federal Reserve.  Seriously... so much fun.

I love my sisters!


Ben and Laurie said...

I'm so glad you got to have them here. It reminds you that you don't have to go on vacation to relax. Sometimes you just need to be with the people who can pick you up and make you laugh.

Margaret in WV said...

Sisters..... lalalalalala sisters... (thinking Lucy and Ethel) You look happy and that makes me glad!

Shannon said...

Sisters are a blessing - no matter if they are the ones Heavenly Father chose for you, your parents chose for you, or you chose for yourself! :)