Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh... little town of...

We live in a charming little town that hosts a Christmas lighting ceremony the night before Thanksgiving.  Every year it is wonderful and every now and then we get a fun surprise...

... like Reindeer.  This one happens to be named "Rudolph".
We have these teenage girls that dress up as Angels and dance in front of the courthouse every year.  I know Sarah, the one in the middle.
Miss Boo is fickle about pictures.  This night is was all about the "No Paparrazi!".
As you can see, the Dude is always up for a picture.  He loves the scavenger hunt thing we do.  They collect stickers from all the local businesses in the old downtown and then they can trade the paper in for a book.  They then will put the paper in a box for a drawing that will take place the week after.

The fun part is that everyone wins the drawing.

Shhhh... don't tell the kids.
Miss Boo wanted a carriage ride so badly.  So we stood in line a very, very long time and then had to split up so we could actually get that ride.  She went with her Daddy and the Dude went with me.
Luckily when the Dude and I got our turn the horses were tired, so only 3 adults got to go with 3 children.  It was very relaxing.

I love courthouses.  There is something about them, especially in small towns.  Just a certain bit of charm.
I love where we live.  The people are great, the town is sweet and we are close enough to the city that I don't have to do without what it has to offer.

We pray that we can live here a long time and let out children call this home.
It's always good to have a hometown full of memories that you can carry into adulthood.

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Shannon said...

I have been converted to small town living, too. :)
The lighting festival sounds like a wonderful tradition.

So... why are you going to NYC?!?