Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Let it rain...

This charming little face greeted me at school yesterday.  I truly believed he was a corn stalk.  Doesn't he look like one?  Well... that's what I got for verbalizing what I thought.  With kids, it is always better to get some details first.

He is the Statue of Liberty.
Can you see it now?
I totally can!
Or, at least I better so I don't hurt his feelings.   I would never want to do that.

 I love Fall and everything that goes with it.  Well, I could use a little less 50 degree days, but I do love sweaters and pumpkin patches.
 I find it interesting that we end up going to get pumpkins on the wettest day of Fall.  How does that happen?  We pick a day and then it rains.  This year it rained hard.
 But it didn't dampen our spirits.  The kids picked out the BIGGEST pumpkins they could find this year.  So different from last year when they wanted little ones they could carry themselves.  They have hit this very competitive stage and it tumbles over into the size of pumpkins.  The Dude had his picked out until Miss Boo found a bigger one.  You get the picture.  Remove pumpkin... insert bigger one.  We are lucky that it started to rain a little harder because they were willing to compromise quicker.
Then inside to play with the kittens.  One of the draws to this particular pumpkin patch is the kittens every year.  They are cute and oh, so very cuddly.  I would like to believe it's because they love us, but I know they are seeking warmth and they cuddle right in to get it.  Doesn't change their delight.
Tonight we are carving those bad boys.  Or, at least I will be carving what they draw with their Sharpies.  I can't wait!


Shannon said...

I continue to be VERY impressed with your photos! My camera has been letting me down lately, I think it is giving up the ghost. I actually miss trips to the pumpkin patch... my poor dad still shudders when I bring up slogging through the muddy corn maze. :)

Ben and Laurie said...

You'll have to post those pumpkins. I hadn't even thought of carving yet. Where did October go?