Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's the great pumpkin

 I am always excited to see how the children come up with their pumpkin faces.
When asked what he wanted, the Dude replied that it needed to look exactly like the one I bought at Michaels last year.  He cracks me up!
I have learned that I can copy pretty decently, which is good because he doesn't accept half attempts.

Miss Boo always draws something elaborate and this year she wanted it carved.  That's a bit hard when the drawings are small and intricate.  She wanted holes for the ears, but since they were so cute, I stuffed them in the holes.
 Mr. Finn has never carved a pumpkin.
Well, I have it on film that he did this year.  These pumpkins were almost 3 inches thick and I needed his help.  It was certainly a lot more fun sharing the job.
These kids are so much fun.  I can't imagine not having them around.  They certainly make life more interesting.


Anonymous said...

I think those might be stunt hands, as they look a bit small to be mine.-Mr. Finn

Shannon said...

What fun, creative pumpkins! I noticed ours seemed extra thick this year, too; I wonder if it is a result of the weird weather patterns? Even the pumpkins are "girding their loins"!

Ben and Laurie said...

Those are darling! Tell her she is quite the artist :)