Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall fun and a fish story

 This is the first year that we have attended the Fall Festival Fundraiser for the kid's school.  We have always been busy years past, but we didn't have anything pressing and the kids were pressing us hard to go.  Helps that they have a great motivator named BON!  Have I ever mentioned that she totally rocks?  She happens to be the principal of the school and one of the reasons that Miss Boo excels in her academic and social life.
We love her.  In this house her name is holy.
 She puts together so many fun things for the kids to do.  Such a safe environment that makes it easy to let the kids run and play.
 My little guy was having this intense conversation with one of the teachers.  His expressions were cracking me up.
The Dude ran into his friend Jacob and they had a great time riding the train.  I am so glad we made it this year.
Sad that Mr. Finn couldn't go because he pulled his hamstring fishing.  Now, there's a fish story.  LOL
He actually pulled it falling down the side of the bank trying to get a picture of a bullfrog... that got away.


Shannon said...

Sending sympathy to Mr. Finn - what a nasty bullfrog to not even stick around for the photo moment!

The fall festival looks like lots of fun.

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Ha! Too funny about the frog!!! Thats a "w-hopper" of a story! Bahaha! Couldn't resist! Anyhow, what a fun fall festival! I can't wait for the kids! They love them and so do we! Such a fun idea to have it outside! Gotta love it!

Tamaratravel said...

I am so jealous..That school fundraiser rocks...I want to go..

Ben and Laurie said...

LOVE that last picture. Those two made friendship look like such a fun thing :)