Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pick up the paste

Today was a one of those days that starts early and must be done in double step time.

We had to pick up "Tilly" for school as her Mommy is sick and drop her off at her own school, which turned into a conversation about "public" vs. "private".

Private won according to the children.  They love their school.  They love their teachers.  I love that they are being taught according to each of their own abilities because the classes are small enough that it can be done.  I love that it is a faith based school.  It is not our religion, but they do get to learn about our Savior and I don't believe that can ever be wrong.  Besides, it give Miss Boo (the Dude too) and me some great opportunities for discussion about religion and through that I see her testimony growing.

She will always have the opportunity to question things and to decide for herself.  Her testimony will be strong because she doesn't have the opportunity to have a blind one.  She can handle it and I am proud of her for the questions she does ask.

As we were trying to get onto a busy street, the cars were putzing down the road.  I really can't stand that, especially when I am in a hurry.

Miss Boo shouts at the cars, "Pick up the paste"!

If I hadn't been in a good mood, that would have made it an easy transition.

We just found out that Mr. Finn has to return to the frozen tundra a week early.

We are sad.

Everyone is doing well from their surgeries.  We are inching back to normalcy.

Thanks for all your love, well wishes and advice.


Will and Marcie Davis said...

I didn't know you had her in Private School. We don't have any out here but I can DEFINATELY see the advantages! Good for you for finding ways to talk "gospel" with "Miss Boo"! I am impressed! Sorry about Mr. Finn leaving earlier (major bummer) but I am SO glad you are all doing better! Thats good to hear!

Shannon said...

hahaha - "pick up the paste!" - love it. And the Dude's face... I know it is supposed to sad, but I can't help giggling just a little. Sorry to hear you are without your other half again, but glad everyone is on the mend.

Ben and Laurie said...

I loved talking the other day. You make me laugh so much because you have such a fun take on life. Now I can see where Mrs. Boo gets it from!