Sunday, March 27, 2011

The night that ate the day....

Where to begin.  I really can't even find a starting part that doesn't contain the word or thought of exhaustion.  And that really makes for a boring post.

I knew this week would be difficult with all three having their tonsils out, the part I didn't factor in was the lack of sleep I would suffer from and how that would affect the household.

It wasn't pretty some days and it makes me sad that I couldn't rise above the sleep deprivation and shine.  I don't know how people can overcome it.  It takes me down and unfortunately it took a toll on all of us.

I really don't know if my kids were whinier than usual, but they were bossier.  Or were they?  It is hard to tell when you have fog for brain.  Everything was so much bigger than I'm sure it was.

Many melt downs.  MANY!  Some of them were mine.

One trip to the ER for Mr. Finn on Friday night.  Thank heavens for a great Home Teacher that dropped what he was doing at 10 o'clock at night and came to sit at our home so the children didn't have to be woke up.  It turned out to be nothing major, thank heavens, but it took yet another toll to some already tired bodies.

I chose not to wake the children for their medication to see how they would do and that turned out to be a bad mistake.  By 4 a.m. the Dude was crying from the pain and then Miss Boo started around six, but by then she was irrational from the pain.

It was a very long night of a very long week.

We are going to church this morning for a respite from the drama.


Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh my gosh girl! All I can say is that you AMAZE me! I really don't see how you made it at ALL! Melt Downs or not..... You are one tough lady and I am impressed. I hope this next week is better for you....for both of us! ;)

Tamaratravel said...

I love your post..the pictures are hysterical...but I'm so glad I'm not in your shoes right now..Good luck..

Shannon said...

Hang in there! I gave you a blog award today. :) Hopefully it will give you something happy to think about - you can read about it at my blog.

Ben and Laurie said...

You ARE hysterical! The cartoons sum it all up, don't they? Do you want me to come over for a while so you can grab a nap? I'll call you later! Love ya!!