Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Friggin Green Day...

There are a few things that I learned today.

1.  The city where my Costco resides is the location of the largest St. Patty's Day parade/gathering in the world.  Really?  Apparently so!  Just saying.

2.  I turn into a crazy person when I am 3, count them, three blocks from said Costco and the policeman makes me take a right turn.  Seriously!  45 minutes until I could get back to the freeway and go to another one that isn't exactly close.

3.  And... I don't like traveling anywhere without my GPS.  Because then friends of mine and my Mr. Finn get phone calls like this.  "I don't know where I am!"  "Can you find out where the next Costco is?"  "Do you know where this freeway goes, etc.?"

It makes me grateful for friends that have your child playing at their house and can't hear you turn into a lunatic.


Shannon said...

Oh, that would have made me really cranky, too!

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh I HATE when things like that happen that are completely out of my control and put me back on my schedule. I turn into a crazy monster too except I usually do it in FRONT of my kids!! ;) Woops!