Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Before and After

We gave the children some buddies to help them not be afraid for their surgeries.  The Dude named his "wizard" (lizard) Swirly.

And Miss Boo named her caterpillar "Catherine".  She was so excited to have her tonsils come out and especially happy about the fact that all her classmates were going to be jealous because she was the first one.
 She entered the recovery room smiling and waving.  She looked so peaceful.  She proclaimed it the best time ever.

 This is a lesson in pain meds.  1 1/2 hours after surgery he is finally calm thanks to some serious pain meds that they waited to give him.  They also rewrapped his IV after getting bugged for over an hour that it hurt.  I kept telling them that it was too tight and they said it wasn't.  The Dude was not having anymore of that and was trying to yank it out.  He broke me heart when I came into recovery to see him.  He bottom lip was trembling and he was crying.  I wanted to cry seeing him like that.

My friend came to be with us the whole time.  I am so grateful for her emotional support and helping to calm down my little boy.
I went through every gamut of emotion during this day.  I don't ever want to have the experience of watching my child be taken away.  They were talking to the Dude about seeing the equipment they use to take out tonsils.  He had been so curious as to how they really do it and since the Doctor wasn't being very clear about it they offered him the opportunity to see it.  I didn't know they weren't bringing him back before the surgery and I got extremely emotional.

My mind was reeling with "what ifs" and my not seeing my son again.  I was on the edge of panic until they told me he was out of surgery.  The nurse apologized to me for not telling me what she was doing.  It's easy to forgive when you are sure your child is o.k.

I wonder about those instances when something goes wrong.  Is it impossible to forgive... how do people get over that hurdle?  I truly couldn't imagine how hard that would be.

I am so grateful that there wasn't any hitches and my family is here at home.  Thank heavens for pains meds.  I keep saying that, but oh my!  When they start to wear off it turns into a horror movie.  Lots of whining and yelling and crying.

Only 5 more days to go...

That's what they say!

I'm sticking with that.  School on Monday for both kids.  I am going to need that time to recoup.

I want to give a big shout out to Mr. Finn right now.  Even though he is in a lot of pain, he tries to help out.  A Lot!  I appreciate all the help he gives me.  I know it can't be easy.


Tamaratravel said...

This is definetely something that you will recall years from now when the kids are grown and complaining about the sacrifices they do for their kids..Glad you had a friend with you. Wish I could help in some way other than prayers.

Shannon said...

Glad to hear Miss Boo came out so easily; our experience was more like the Dude. Also, not to be a rain cloud, but it took two weeks for P and J to recover (they told us a week, too.) Sometimes it is better to be prepared for the worst so that you can be pleasantly surprised when it turns out better... hang in there!

Ben and Laurie said...

Where's Mr. Finn's buddy? Glad you are hanging in there and that it is going better than expected!

Anonymous said...

"It is just a flesh wound-The Black Knight"-Mr. Finn

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh my gosh! You are an AMAZING Mommy! I have been SO worried and am SO glad you posted that ALL IS WELL!!! Your poor little man and poor you! I almost cried when I read this (chalk it up to pregnancy) but I totally know the feeling of having to leave them and NOT being able to do anything about stopping the pain that is coming. You are SO strong and I just love ya! I hope the recovery goes well and I'll second your thankfulness for pain medicane.

P.S. I'm glad your hubby is doing good too. What a trooper to help with the kids too! You should definatley keep him around! ;)

Margaret in WV said...

What a smile on her face! Both Miss Boo and your good friend. Glad you had all that support and yes! Hurray for pain meds.