Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not your ordinary Boo!

WE have a NEW Boo living with us these days. When she was born we knew it was going to be a challenge raising this little girl. And night after night of her crying, well...more like scream shouting at us from her crib, we KNEW it was a reality.

And then K1 happened. She has mellowed in a way that is sweet, charming and funny. She listens to me. That has been the biggest surprise of all. The other day I asked her to do something and immediately armed myself for the inevitable "NO", but to my unfettered delight she said; "OK Mommy".

Bless you Mrs. P. for your undaunted cheerfulness in undertaking our little girl and calling it a "pleasure". I see your influence in her demeanor. She can handle change now and it doesn't "hurt" the whole family.

When we were at parent conference, Mrs. P. suddenly in the middle of talking said quite loudly over the not so quiet din of the children playing, "Friends...One, Two, Three, Eyes on Me! To our surprise we hear in unison "One, Two, Eyes on You!" and complete silence from all the children.


To have that effect on my children would be incredible. I tried it at home but was completely shut down by Miss Boo. According to her I am not Mrs. P. and may not use her words. How dare I have such audacity?

I love this little girl. She is funny! And she knows it. She is also good, kind, intelligent, sweet and oh, so loving. So grateful to have her.


Tamaratravel said...

Let's hope she stays mellow..it's always interesting to see how they develop over time..She is adorable..

Enid said...

What a nice change, but grandma loves her any way!!!

Shannon said...

She is also a cutey-patootie! I love that the teacher calls the kids "friends." No wonder they like and respect her!

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh WOW! Incredible! What an AMAZING teacher! I dont know how they do it! Good for you though! :)

Boons said...

So glad she enjoying Kindergarten! 5 year olds are wonderful, aren't they?