Friday, October 23, 2009

Is all pride sin?

I feel like we have been plagued with sickness around here.

First Miss Boo, then Mr. Finn and then back to Miss Boo and to top it off, The Dude started running a fever last night. And only two weeks have gone by. I am worried about the rest of the winter if we are already on this path.

Maybe we are immune now! I can only hope.

Miss Boo has Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Just painful so here's to hoping that the local pharmacy can get her "Magic" Mouthwash made today. Apparently they are incapable of making it without a Doctor holding their hand. Arrggghhh! My little girl had to suffer all night with a sore mouth. So frustrating as a Mother to see one of your children suffer and not be able to do nothing.

We were supposed to be on our way to Oklahoma City today with Mr. Finn, but since both kids are sick I am staying home and he is off to a meeting. The children are not going to be happy, but I can't imagine being in a hotel with two sick kids. At least at home they have space to be "sick".


Apparently I have hit Writer's Block, which in itself is interesting as I am NOT A WRITER. (Laughter, please.)

For some reason I have felt that pulling my nails out one by one would be easier than finding something to blog about. Not that there isn't anything to talk about around here, but it all seems so exhausting lately. Kind of like trying to suck the lint out of the lint filter in your dryer. Takes lots of energy and when you think you are done you realize that it just moved down farther in the vent so your vacuum hose won't reach it.

A good note is that Miss Boo had her first Primary Program that she participated in. She has been practicing her line for over a month and NAILED it at the mike. I was so proud of her that I was bursting at the seams. If the Bishop hadn't been sitting so close I would have stood up and clapped. Well...I probably wouldn't have but it describes how happy I was for her. She has come a long way this year and is coming into her own. Darn it, but she makes me so stinking happy. I seriously thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest with Pride. That kind of pride isn't a it?


Margaret in WV said...

That's called being "well pleased"

Shannon said...

Being proud of your kids for genuine accomplishment (the kind they have put forth effort to achieve) is 100% appropriate! Sorry to hear about all of the sickness - that is so not fun. I hope everyone is better for the tricks and treats!

Kelley said...

Nope! That's the best kind of pride. I'm glad to hear she nailed it so well. Our Primary program was this Sunday, too, and I about burst with pride three times! Besides, Josh was singing louder than the entire Primary all by himself! It was so cute.