Saturday, October 10, 2009

Holy Cow! How old am I?

My trip to the street in order to retrieve my mail the other day turned into a "SAY WHAT" moment.

I pulled this flat box approximately 7"x11" out and wondered what fun thing I had been gifted in the mail. My excitement turned to curiosity and then to puzzlement with these catchy phrases on the box such as:

"Snooze through your night."

"Move through your day..."

"Move freely."

And then it hit me...DEPENDS!

How did I get into this demographic? I am not that old, am I?! And then came the laughter. I couldn't stop. I had been mislabeled! I began to think of the surveys I did and wondered if I had possible listed my age incorrectly and then I saw who the box was from.

My local pharmacy. Hmmmmm! Maybe they just...didn'!

I arrived at my presidency meeting with the box in hand and had a good laugh with the other women. After all, something like this must be shared. I told everyone...that is if they were a woman. I did tell Mr. Finn because that wouldn't have been fair to have something that funny around and not share it.

AND THEN...I opened the box. My fun was over! I had mislabeled the contents of this box. It was feminine hygiene for a woman my age.

BUMMER! It was so much fun the other way.


BEN and LAURIE said...

At least you had fun with it, right? I love your pictures on the blog too!

Shannon said...

I am laughing out loud picturing you when you first started examining that box. :) The depends are definitely more fun than the fh!

Tamaratravel said...

that's could have been diapers that would have made you feel young..

The Bebel's said...

thanks robin.Hope you don't mind me checking out you blog i found your blog through laurie's. i love you reading your blog it always so great!