Thursday, December 1, 2016

Visits Galore

 What a fun year this has been.  Visiting with friends and family has been my most favorite part of it. Jen moved way too many years ago and since we were up visiting Nyoka and the family, we dropped by for a visit on our way home.
 Ms. Boo and Elise have been friends since they were in pre-k.  I can't believe how they have grown up.  Glad they get to see each other once in a while.

 And there is our Morgan.  Part of our family in her own right.  She totally grew on us.  Started out as a foul mouthed young woman when I was an advisor while pregnant with the Dude.  Look at her now, graduated from college and her first real job as an adult.  We love her.

 Miss Boo and I had fun hanging out with Mark Twain in Parkville one day.  Gave us some time to laugh and enjoy each other.
 When my amazing Aunt Lois came we got the tour of the sausage factory by Mr. Finn.
 Then we went to a street fair.  She talked me into getting my face done but notice hers stayed clean.  Hmmmm!
 I have made some new friends this year.  Most of my other ones moved away.  (insert sad face here). Cinda has included me in her literary world, she's kind of my book dealer.  LOL  Her sister, Laura, the one in the middle invited me to be part of her birthday lunch eating Sushi. So grateful for friends.
 As I said it was a great year for visits.  Rob and Katrina came to see their first grand baby so I got to hang out with him and even hold that baby for a bit.  Sure do love these two.
 I haven't seen Holly since I lived in Alaska in 1991.  What a lifesaver she was then...what a dear friend she has remained.  She was in town to help her sister with a wedding.  Bonus for me.
 Lydia is my cousin from my Uncle Eldon.  It's been about 7 years since they passed through last time.  Love that she will call me to meet here wherever they are so we can catch up.

I am feeling very blessed this year with all the visits of people I love.  So grateful.

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Shannon said...

Re-connecting with friends and family is the best! I had one of those years too. So the big questions is... when do WE get to see each other??? (Wouldn't that be FUN!)