Wednesday, November 16, 2016

This little girl...

This is McBud.  Can you believe it?

Yesterday we went to see the movie "Dr. Strange" and I turned sideways to say something to her and had to readjust my head because she was visibly taller.

What is happening?  She turned 12 this year.  She is so grown up in so many ways.  But in many she is still a little girl.  At least to me she is.

She likes to spend time with her friend Jaegar from school. Mr. Finn took them to a baseball game to watch the Royals and they got amazing seats up close.  She loved that she was the talk of school the next day.

 She has started coming into her own this year.  She wrote the play for composting at her school and played a part in it.  It's fun to see her so animated and enjoying herself.

She is making friends easier...

And trying new things.  The pained look is because there was a spider in the kayak with her and she was freaking out.
We have a ways to go but I see an amazing girl that continues to surprise me.

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Shannon said...

I don't think I'd even be able to make eye contact with a camera if I was sharing a small boat with a spider! It is so fun to see your pictures in this post, but also kind of pulls at the heartstrings. I remember Rose as a darling baby and busy toddler... where does the time go? It thrills me that she is such a confident, multi-talented young woman!