Saturday, November 5, 2016

Welcome Visitor

Everyone knows how much I love my Aunt.  She is one of my dearest friends and my favorite Aunt. We talk at least once weekly and a minimum of one hour at a time.  I really couldn't imagine life without her in it.  She is also the grandmother of my sweet kiddos.  A job she took on willingly and that has blessed the lives of our children.

She came to visit us right before Mr. Finn and my birthday on September 5th.  She stayed for three weeks and was so much fun to run to Bee Creek every morning after dropping off the kids at school for a "Fluffy".  (that's what they named their Mormon hot cocoa)
 My kids adore her!  She is so full of love and ENERGY.  How does one get to 70 years old and still be running around with such energy.  I struggle at 49  to motivate myself to put on clothes for the day.
I have a "To Do" list that is always on my kitchen counter.  Many mornings I pretend it isn't there but she always found it and would suggest we check something off it.  Sadly there was always a good amount of work that went before the checking off part, but she was fun to work with and if she could work that hard, well, I certainly could to.  Thank you my sweet Aunt for pushing me along and for making it such a wonderful time.

Many decision were made, many things were fixed and furniture was bought during her visit.  And not to mention she bought me a shirt and sweater that are my favorite and I hardly wear anything else these days.  Thank you again.

I love you.

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Shannon said...

I need an aunt to come kick my booty and help me get things done! She sounds like an amazing woman. You are blessed <3