Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hay Kittens!

 I love this time of the year.  Although our Fall was very short and had many days of 80 degree weather, we were able to enjoy a few of them.
The children are growing up so much.  We come to this pumpkin patch every year to play with the cats.  This year they had two mazes for the kids.  They loved jumping on the top of the hay maze versus going through it.  As you can see by the Dude's body language, he is irritated with someone.  He is a total "fister" when he is angry
 As I said, it's really all about the kittens.  The children fall in love immediately.  Because it is so cold, the kittens love to be held and warmed up.  They almost always instantly fall asleep.
One of these days I am going to pull all the above photos for the past years and put them side by side to see how the children change.  The sign has not.  It is weathering along with them.
 I love this time with the kids.  Everything is so peaceful.
 The next three photos tell a story about Miss Boo.
 She is falling in love...
 She is determined to have one and is preparing to call her Dad.
She is heartbroken that the answer was no.

She was so sad.  She had found this sweet kitten that was so cuddly.  Unfortunately our Cat isn't so cuddly and Miss Boo really needs that kind of attention.  Oh well, maybe one day we will go and come home with a new kitten.

Happy Fall Y'all!

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Shannon said...

I always feel very sentimental about pumpkin patches/ hay mazes in the fall. Those are happy memories - everything seems to be right in the world when you are visiting one on a crisp, sunny day! I am so happy to see you back here in blogland, even without a new kitten ;)