Monday, December 1, 2014


I totally get that I am really late posting.  I seem to have an aversion to the computer lately.  It might have to do with being called to the school board of my children's school.  And because I am the newest member, I get the privilege of taking over the secretarial duty of taking notes.  I am awful at taking notes.  Dare I use the "H" word?!  Lets just say it isn't going well.

Anyways Halloween came and went without a single decoration gracing our home.  The children, especially the Dude was very unhappy with me.  I get it!  Although it is one of my favorite holidays to decorate, I had zero desire to do anything and so I did nothing.  Mr. Finn even had to buy the candy.  Costumes were up to the children as I mentioned earlier, I was a huge flake.

 Miss Boo decided at the absolute last moment that she wanted to be a salsa dancer.  Thanks to a friend for painting her face after school.  Miss Boo has her own flair and I loved her costume.  Her attitude was spicy to match.
 Mr. Finn always loves a good picture of him, so this is gratuitous. HA!
 And the Dude...

He will be a source of amusement forever.  He wanted to be an old fashioned ghost.  I did go to the thrift store to pick up a white sheet.  Not a completely lame mom.

But when he found this Blues Brothers mask, he knew that this was to make him the coolest ghost around.  Btw...he has no clue who the Blues Brothers are, but he liked the look.
 He totally made me laugh.  Such a cool kid.
 Ti was super cold this night after having hot weather for weeks.  The Dude and I bailed to pass out candy at home shortly after this picture.  We don't enjoy the cold at all.
 We even took Palmer with us in costume of course which didn't make it through the night.  It now resides in the trash, but he was remarkably well behaved.
I enjoy this cooler weather.  Well, er...cold weather, as long as it stays cold.  What is killing me is the days of 70 degrees followed by 19 degrees.

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Shannon said...

I love how creative your kids are - great costumes! I hope that you had a very happy Thanksgiving <3