Sunday, May 13, 2012

Here's more...

A couple more pictures of the baptism.  This picture is an example of having way too many cameras to look at.

The next day was the dedication of the Kansas City Temple and as luck would have it, we all able to go except my Dad, Aunt and the Dude.  Would have been perfect with them all, but it was a great experience for us and a great memory for Miss Boo.

The day after, I took my parents and Aunt Lois to see the Temple.  We had a good time. My Dad was having a good day so it was especially wonderful to spend so much time with him.

 I loved being able to walk and talk with my Dad.  It has been a really long time.  Very nice to have a picture with him that I can post.  Forgive the T-shirt.  He is famous for having these shirts on when he goes to the temple.  The message is actually good, but it made me laugh when I saw the picture.
 My Aunt Lois spent ten days with us and it was fabulous.  We cooked and ate and ate and ate.  My waistline is proof of the fact that we both enjoy good food.  She is so much fun to be around and is full of an immense amount of energy.  She totally wore me out.  She can run circles around me every day and get up the next day and do it again.
 I love this picture of my Dad.  He has been doing that with his teeth since I can remember.  I love that his hair has finally gone all white.  Looks good on him.
 I caught this one of them looking at the temple.  It is truly awe inspiring.
 I love that there is so much symbolism in the grounds surrounding the temple.  It makes me think about everything that I see and wonder how that was created to make us ponder the Godhead.  It is truly remarkable.

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Shannon said...

Beautiful temple pics, and how wonderful that you got to enjoy the opening with your family! Miss Boo looks so pretty.