Thursday, May 10, 2012


Let's pretend that the date above says May 5th.  That is a very important date in this family.

I just didn't have access to my computer for the weekend with family here and all.

Miss Boo turned eight in April and May 5th was the date she got baptized.  Pretty big deal for us Mormons.  Means she is old enough to be accountable for her actions and to enter into a covenant/promise with our Heavenly Father to do good continually.  With that comes the opportunity to repent if she/we don't quite measure up.  She has been so excited for this day for a long time.

A couple of weeks ago she was sitting at the kitchen counter and suddenly says to Mr. Finn and I that she is going to have to change her life when she gets baptized.  We both chuckled because she is our extremely willful child.  To imagine her changing her ways was humorous and encouraging at the same time.

Since she has been baptized, we don't see the "change of life" she predicted, but she does get the importance of what her baptism is.

She is a pretty amazing person as she is right now.  We can only imagine what she will become as she grows in the gospel and applies it to her life along with her personality.  We enjoy her and that she is so strong in what she believes and what she knows.  It is going to be pretty fun being her parent.

I forgot to charge my camera battery before the baptism, so I only have three pictures.  Will get some pictures from my Mom and post later.
 Erika (my sister), Konya (granddaughter), my Dad, Nyoka (daughter)
 Miss Boo with Grandma and Grandpa.
It was so much fun having family around.  The last time we had so many family here was when the Dude was blessed in 2006.  It is good for the kids to have all that love around them.

We are very grateful for everyone that came to support Miss Boo on her special day.

Big shout out to Mrs. P. for squeezing it into her very busy day.  Miss Boo will never forget that.

Will post all the rest of the pictures of the baptism and the visit from her Grandma Lois.


Shannon said...

Congratulations to Miss Boo on her special day! How wonderful, that so many of the people who love her were able to be there to support her.

Ben and Laurie said...

It's fun seeing pictures of your family after hearing so much about them. I'm glad they were able to be there on such an important day. Congratulations Rose! I look forward to seeing you guys and hearing more about your week!!