Monday, May 14, 2012

Grandma Lois

 We celebrated her birthday when she got here.  A little late, but we made sure they knew it was her birthday and therefore subject to the birthday sombrero.

She was a really good sport about it.
 Of course, the Dude had to put it on.
 Miss Boo is a little shier about things, but she was jumping up and down on the inside.
 I have promised her my inside out oreo cake for a long time.  Certainly hit the spot.  You should see all the spots it hit and attached to on my thighs!
She taught me how to can jelly.  We made raspberry blackberry and strawberry blueberry.  Not to mention the yummy cherry pie filling we made.  I was in heaven and so excited to see it "work".
 So beautiful and so yummy!
 She spent a lot of time outside enjoying the good weather on our deck and teaching the kids to play YoYo.  They had a blast.

 Punch ball was next on the list and the Dude was all over that.
 So patient and loving.
 You go girl!
 We have found out that the Dude is crazy (says Miss Boo) and loves to make funny faces and poses whenever I bring out the camera.
We love Grandma Lois and are so grateful that she came to spend ten days with us.  The children go spoiled and so did I.  There is just something about talking face to face versus over the phone.  I love that she loves our children and accepted the job of being their Grandmother.  She is actually my Aunt (sister to my deceased father) and makes a fun grandma and friend.

I talk to her at least twice a week and we burn up those minutes.  Thank heavens for unlimited calling because we would be in the poor house.

Thanks for coming... thanks being the wonderful, kind, caring person you are.

We love you!


Will and Marcie Davis said...

What a WONDERFUL amazing Grandma! We had "adopted grandparent" growing up as well and one thing I know is blood does NOT matter! LOVE does!!! :) And she looks like she definitely loves your children! What beautiful pictures! I LOVE them!!! SO sweet! They will cherish those someday!

Shannon said...

What a fun visit - that jam sounds delicious, as does the cake. Inside out oreo? Recipe, please!