Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sistah Visit

I love having company.  Mr. Finn isn't "as" social as I am, (meaning... I could have visitors 24/7/365) but since he has been spending a good portion of his weeks in Minnesota, it was fun having my sister here for 5 days all to myself.  She came for a conference but I got her in the evenings.  The kids were so excited to have her here.  She is a fun Aunt!  The Dude was a little miffed at her the first night because he got in trouble and she said she would take his toys home with her.  Yikes!  I was a bit worried, but you can see that it was short lived.  How could he stay mad at that face?

It's beyond me!  She gave them these jars full of gummy eye of newt and bat's eyes.  Her expression was priceless when she was telling them about it.  The kids... not so much.  They made sure we tried them, but they weren't having anything to do with it.  I was partial to the bat's eyes and Aunt Erika like the eye of newt.
When Saturday rolled around we headed out for a day of all things touristy, so we ended up at an authentic KC BBQ place.
The open faced pulled pork sandwich was to die for.  And the sweet BBQ sauce was ummm ummmm good!  We never even made it to the fries.  You gotta try it sometime.

Then we were off to Adam-Ondi-Ahman... after a quick trip to Walmart so she could get a souvenir for her roomie in AZ.  Well, that turned into and hour and some odd trip of looking at kids clothes and Aunt Erika buying way too much for the kids.  Miss Boo was thrilled because she loves new clothes and especially ones with hearts.  Erika made sure they all had lots and lots of them.

The weather that had been gray all morning took a turn heading towards northern Missouri and just as we parked, it started to pour and then dump and the wind picked up to a velocity that was a bit scary.  About that time Mr. Finn called and said that we were under a tornado warning.  Great!  We were on a bluff.  Enough said!

We decided that it wasn't going to quit and were going to leave.  Can you believe that it stopped raining instantly as she put the car in reverse?  What a blessing!  We hopped out of the car and ran down the bluff to the overlook.  I wasn't exactly in running shoes and well... it was an adventure, but totally worth it.

The wind never slowed down though.  It made for a pretty great picture.  Unfortunately the wind blew all the leaves off the trees and we didn't get to see the pretty colors of Fall.

It seems like just as soon as she got here, we were packing her up to leave.  I think she was worried that everything wouldn't fit in her bag.  Did I mention that we went shopping?  Not just at Walmart.  I had forgotten about that until I wrote this post.  We left the house and went there first and then over to eat because we were famished from all that shopping.

The Dude is a bit mischievous as you can see.  He loves his Aunt.

I could eat him up.  He is a kisser by nature.  That's o.k.!  He's only four.  I might change my mind when he is a teenager, but as long has he is loving on his family it can't be bad, right?

He was trying to be "Toothless" in this picture and it made me laugh.  The outfit courtesy of his sweet Aunt.
Miss Boo missed out on our dinner Friday to attend a birthday party.  I love the face painting she came home with.  I got the last of it off Sunday morning.  She had to keep it for another party she attended on Saturday.  I totally get it!

Are those eyes not amazing?

Aunt Erika... we miss you!  Thanks for everything and especially for finding a conference in our neck of the woods.  It means a whole bunch to us.  The Dude says he misses you one hundred thousand and one hundred fousand ten.


Shannon said...

Sounds like a fun week (minus the tornado watch)! Love all the cute pics of the kiddos.

Enid said...

Glad you two had fun and got to know each other better!

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Sisters really are the most amazing things EVER created! I would be lost without mine! I'm glad you had such a fun week!