Monday, October 4, 2010

A Night of Fun

With Mr. Finn working in Minnesota these days, the kids and I loaded up the SUV and headed to the Mall of America.  There was no way we were bypassing this event after Mr. Finn showed them a brochure on it.
We got off to a rough start.  
The main desire of the children was to visit Spongebob's house.
Which turned out to be a big disappointment.  Apparently it was a bounce house with lots of kids bouncing around.  Not the experience they were looking forward to.

What more can I say about this?

My Fearless son talked me into going on a ride that takes you 50 feet in the air and drops you over and over again, all the while screaming at the top of your lungs even though you know that you need to be CALM for your little boy that is sitting beside you muttering, "I hate this... I hate this... I hate this!".  I know it is bad when he uses a word that is forbidden in our home.  I couldn't console him because I was terrified and out of control.  Things not to find out about yourself while falling 50 feet to the ground.

See how he is letting me know that each ride is o.k.  Such confidence that I was not feeling.  Double thumbs up... glad it was only a Back to the Barn hayride.

This was my favorite ride for obvious reasons.  
How can you go wrong in a hot air balloon?

This roller coaster, and I use that term loosely, (more like soul sucker) proved to my final undoing.  It made me scream from the starting gate and it took the corners on two rails, literally and then when it couldn't go any faster is started to spin.  What the heck!
As the Dude said, "Mommy screamed like a girl"!  Totally!  
I knew I shouldn't but I couldn't stop it.
After this ride, I even got sick on Diego's Rescue Adventure.  Very Sad!

We can't even get our kids to sit on Santa's lap, but bring in Sponge Bob and it's like they are seeing an old friend.  They would still be with him if we didn't have to leave.
Of course there was the visit to the store.  It was incentive for my darling Miss Boo, who isn't always the most easily warmed to new events.  The deal was that she went on 5 rides and she could have a toy.   Don't think she didn't take me up on that and lickity split too!

Everyone was so tired after a long evening at Nickelodeon Universe.  Look at that poor little boys eyes.  Plumb tuckered out!

Especially the Mama and the Papa.


thehallebunch2 said...

sweet!! how in the world did you get the picture to look like that..the air balloon and kids one...

Robin said...

We were going pretty fast and my iPhone could only capture one image in still mode. I loved it. The wouldn't let me use my good camera, so I snuck out my iPhone.

Shannon said...

That hot air balloon is perfect! I am not much of a rides gal, either - at Disneyland, I am pleased as punch to just hang out at Frog and Toad's Wild Adventure or Small World :)

Anonymous said...

Come on people don't wimp out. The dude is only 4 and he rode two rides that teriffied his Mom.
-Mr. Finn

Tamaratravel said...

That mall is overwhelming..Glad you had fun but it is tiring..