Monday, October 18, 2010

Bathroom Makeover

I have been wanting to paint my bathroom for a long, long time but energy didn't match the want factor.  We have a fairly large bathroom with really high sealing and lots of angles.  Can you see why I would want to change the way it looks?  Don't mind the vacuum, I always have to clean before I start working.  Weird habit.
I love how warm it looks now.  I added a painting one of our neighbors gave us when we lived in Washington to bring the color of the wood cabinets upward.  
I learned that on my new favorite decorating show, "Sarah's House".
This picture makes the walls look yellow brown, but I'm not hating the look.  Maybe I should paint the walls gold.  Hmmmmmm...
I found this towel rack at Old Tyme Pottery and was in love.  I'm not one for off the rack things so this was purchased with no remorse.  Can you believe it was only $5.00?  
I'm serious!
I couldn't find any screws that would go with this, but I found that craft paint works just as well.  I love quick fixes and I find you can do just about anything with super glue, hot glue and cheap craft paint.  I can meet any challenge...

I love how it looks from my bedroom.  So nice with those dark chocolate walls.

I like that everything blends together, from my duvet to my walls, etc.  I tend to be very earthy in my color palette, but it is soothing in my world.
The room is in disarray because I am refinishing the dresser and all Mr. Finn's clothes are in boxes to the left and the top of the dresser stuff is on the floor.

I don't know why I am obsessed with painting and redoing everything in my home.

Fresh paint =  Fresh outlook?


Tamaratravel said...

I love it..What a pretty soothing color..Wow you are on a painting kick..but I love your projects..

Anonymous said...

Because every time we get the house just the way we want it, we end up moving. This is the main reason I have not had a fence put in.-MR Finn

Shannon said...

Robin, this is beautiful, and sooo cozy looking! Love the idea of fixing the screws with craft paint - never would have thought of that!

(also like Mr. Finn's comment... although I wouldn't mind if you moved back by me!)

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh LOVE LOVE it! What is the color called! I want to steal it! You are AMAZING!