Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It felt a bit like Mission Impossible...

An update on my list of ten things in ten days.

1 & 2.  Remember all those bows I made (term used loosely) for Miss boo?
Well, I didn't know what to do with them.  Where do you put them so they don't get squashed and end up like this?  (I can't believe I showed you my messy drawer.)

Thanks to a very talented friend, this was a much nicer solution.

See how that brightens up a very pretty blue wall. (even though the wall looks yellowish in the photo.) Do you see the vinyl lettering I added thanks to  I feel like Holly and I are great friends.  You will see later what she did for our young women's Christmas project.  She is so patient and professional.  
She designed something that was in my head.  That is no small feat.

Every time the Dude sees it he says; "got to wash my hands cause Mommy said so".  
It took care of a problem we were having if you know what I mean.
He was so amazed the mirror had written that to remind him... hmmmm.
Gotta love that boy.

3.  A gift for someone to help them through some rough times and thanks to Michaels, I have 7 more for Christmas gifts.  I love BOGO!  Especially when they are willing to substitute something because you can't find the size you need in individual packs. 
The idea came from Shannon, who sent me one last year with a beautiful saying on it.  I have looked at it most every day and thought to myself, "I can do that".  
Thanks Shannon for the gift that keeps on giving.

(And thanks to Glidden for my free quart of Robin's Egg Blue paint.)

4.  The guest/Mr. Finn's bathroom.  Not a very big room, but one of my favorites.  I painted it a warm tan, added the delightful magazine rack so those wonderful newspapers and magazines will have a home.

Isn't this the mostest?  Thank you Southern Living.
 I have had this boat for around 15 years and it never gets old.  Goes well with the painting.  We know the artist personally.  If you love boats and lighthouses, etc. this is your artist.  Steve gave this to us as a gift for Mr. Finn exterminating the Bamboo from the hill behind his house.  It is actually one of two pieces of art that he gifted us.  We were blessed with really great neighbors in Washington.

5.  It was Mr. Finn's and my birthday on Sunday.  
My talented "bow" friend made me this for my laundry room as a gift.  
Hanging it up accounted for "1" thing.  Cheating?  Of course!  I call it improvising.

I believe it is more of a warning sign.  I can't seem to keep this room cleaned up.

It should say "Yikes, What happened here?"

6.  The book I read was "Hard Times and Holy Places".  A delightful book and a very good read.

7.  Mr. Finn's shirts got ironed.

8.  Cleaned up kid's art wall.

9.  I actually painted the temple picture frame and then decided that I had to have this picture in it.  Totally gorgeous, huh?  Which one do you like the best?


Can you see why a change is needed?
The frame still needs to be distressed, but I have put that on hold as I can't afford the picture for a while.  They do all temples, so check this website for your favorite.  
They won't disappoint you.

Google has been my best friend for a while.  Oh, the things you can find!

10.  I swept out the garage because it hadn't been done in a year and I was tired of getting dirty feet running to the trash can.  I know it wasn't on the original list, but those projects are a bit more than I can handle this week with my allergies in overdrive.

I even went to the gym this morning.  Do I see a change in the future?  Don't hold your breath, but I really have a desire to exercise and since my hip has been out for almost a month and I am totally miserable, I figure I should start strengthening the muscles a bit.

I still have the dresser, the master bath and the basement stairwell to do.  Let's see how next week shapes up.

Thanks Shannon for getting me started on my list of projects.


Tamaratravel said... Rock! everything you did...need to copy some of it..For the temple I vote number 1..a little color...

Shannon said...

You have totally taken this project to a new level. LOVE what you've done! And in my book, hanging that sign SO counts as one thing, because I am famous for having things leaning against a wall for years that I can't quite seem to get taken care of!

p.s. - Happy Birthday
p.s. 2 - Can't decide about the temple pics without seeing the wall it will hang on (did I mention I have issues with committing to hanging things up? lol)