Friday, February 5, 2010

What's in a calling?

17 years ago I met the feistiest woman I have known.  I mean that in a great way.  She is fierce and undeterred in all things.  I have seen her accomplish so much good.

She knocked on my door one evening with a pot roast dinner.  I really didn't need the meal, but she listened to a little voice that told her I did.  I really needed a friendly face.  It...She saved me that day.

That sounds a bit dramatic...I know...but there is truth in that statement.

She became my FRIEND.  Someone I could talk to about everything and I had much to talk about in those days.  I was lonely, sad and heartbroken.  She gave me hope and laughter and courage.

Have I told you how BRAVE she is and the things she has accomplished just because she decided to do it?

We became visiting teaching companions and she taught me to have a testimony in that work.  After all, she was my visiting teacher when she showed up at my door with the dinner she had prepared for her family.  A meal, I didn't need, but a lesson for me in faithfulness of a visiting teacher that wanted to fulfill her calling through service.

As visiting teachers we never know what we are needed for.  We don't know that just calling is the thing to boost someone's spirits for the day.  Maybe it is the only human contact someone will get at the time when all seems lost to them.

We may never know.


...We may get the chance to become a friend and that friendship could last 17 years or forever.

And that may be the greatest gift there is.

I love you Margaret.


Shannon said...

Visiting teaching is definitely a great start for lasting friendship. Heavenly Father knows what His daughters need! :)

Enid said...

I am so glad you have Margaret in your life, and she listens to the spirit

Margaret said...

You know how I feel about you - my good friend God sent me when I prayed for one. Hurray for Visiting Teaching. It brought me you - one of my greatest blessings.
PS you do not look old enough to be a grandma.