Monday, February 1, 2010


The days seem to ebb and flow with the tides of an unpredictable current.

I was given the task of dislodging a penny and nickel the Dude had tried to feed his piggy bank.  Unbelievably it took about five minutes for something I believed would be easy.  I was frustrated a little at the end, but sweetened by the "thank you" that followed.

As he headed out the door, he looked back over his shoulder, with that twinkle in his eye and said, "You're a Genius, Mom!".

He sees the good and wonderful in so many things.  I look at the world and see it's lack of luster most days.

My son is the Genius.  He can pull the happiest emotions out of someone with a look or a comment.

I am just so grateful that my currents are in sync with my delightful children and they are bobbing along with me...raising my spirits as they go.

Traveling back from picking up the children from school.   Our little tagalong that gets dropped off at daycare started correcting Miss Boo's words, telling her that Shek the Fird wasn't correct.  I was like, "Hey, don't mess with that".  It's a signature thing that I am going to miss terribly when it's gone.

Things like:

Hockey Puff


YRPN are the letters in the Dude's name.  No amount of coaching will convince him otherwise.

My tides are calm right now.  They weren't earlier.  I can feel that the undercurrents are getting rough, but for now it all good.


Tamaratravel said...

I still spell and talk that way and I'm suppose to be an adult..How cute they are when they are young...

Shannon said...

Your kids are just so gorgeous! And I agree with you about not "messing with" pronunciation. Our kids didn't know that a "tank top" was not a "tanker top" until Bronte started high school. She had originated the second pronunciation, and I liked it so much I never corrected her. :)
Enjoy your smooth sailing!