Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Toothless Night

Miss Boo lost her second tooth last night.  I haven't seen her that excited since Christmas.  And the best part is that she didn't lose it somewhere.  She actually had something to show the Tooth Fairy!  I wish I had a picture of a space where the tooth came out, but because the other one is already full grown behind it, we just look "normal" now instead of one tooth facing forward.

And on a different note...Mr. Finn found the cheese grater (after some coaching) and grated cheese for dinner.  I am delighted by his helping out in the kitchen.  Let's see what other "mad" skills he has in the kitchen, shall we?!


Shannon said...

Lots of excitement at your house! :) Congratulations all around!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Mr. Finn managed to feed himself for all those years and it wasn't just BK either!!!