Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Song Bird

Miss Boo loves to sing. Her father, Mr. Finn has helped cultivate this love of music and more specifically, SONG. He is known for making up words to songs that he likes. I don't believe this is a well known fact in the "other" world, but in our home it is most common and very much enjoyed by our offspring.

Saturday night I set my alarm for 7 a.m. which is plenty of time to get everyone up and ready for 9 o'clock church. Sunday morning my alarm went off and I had this brief thought that if I could sleep for 10 more minutes I would be able to pull it off, so I hit the snooze button confident in my decision to give my body a few more minutes to gear up for the day.

Out of my sleepy daze I hear someone singing very softly. After a few minutes it became louder. Not sure if this was because I was awake or because the song was gaining in momentum. Out of my stupor I glanced at the clock to realize that it was 9:30 and we had missed Sacrament meeting because of my indulgence in the snooze button.

I could hear Miss Boo singing from her room and somehow it all seemed o.k. She was singing this sweet little song and as I listened I realized she was making up the words to some tune that she knew. It was heartbreakingly adorable. I would have missed this moment as we are usually in a dead run to get every dressed, fed and out the door in time. Which means she doesn't have to time lie in bed singing to herself.

Miss Boo came to love making up songs during reading time with Daddy. He likes to shake up the stories and finds making up songs or just adding some of his favorites to be just what they need.

"Why won't you please take me home....Yah, Yah...Yah, Yah."


Anonymous said...

Take me down to Paridise City where the Grass is Green and the Girls are Pretty, Oh won't you please take me home!!!

Shannon said...

LOVE this picture. I am sure I have missed many tender moments do to rushing my kids out the door. Sigh.