Monday, September 7, 2009

The "Depp" of my despair

For Mr. Finn's birthday he was able to spend two glorious days basking in the lights of Kauffman Stadium with his BFF. I was included in their joy with the following texts:

When the BFF's arrived home from their baseball game, they spent the next 35 minutes convincing me that they in fact, did converse and take a picture with the one and only Johnny Depp. They even threw in a few fun facts for me to hang on to. Such as:

1. He is from these parts
2. Must be growing his hair out for a movie.
3. Those pants were actually some kind of capri.
4. They had to go to the woman that was with him to see if he would be up for a picture while he had stepped away and she was taking the picture.
5. They indeed show the above text messages to him to convince him to let them take his picture.

I wasn't convinced. The next morning while Mr. Finn was sleeping, his BFF stopped me in the hallway to tell me about the night and how the evening picked up after Mr. Finn started texting me and that J.D. really made his night. I still had my doubts. I had been down this road before with Mr. Finn. He likes to convince me of something to finally confess with tears rolling down his face from unbridled laughter.

Not even 20 minutes later I see my HFF coming down the stairs flushed and shaking. He can barely he o.k.? Then through the heaving shoulders and bursts of laughter he spills the beans.

Never to be one upped by his wife, he...PULLED THE WOOL OVER MY EYES to reclaim his superiority as the "MAN"!~


Enid said...

You expressed your self very well!!!

thehallebunch2 said...

Huh? So is that really J. Depp? I mean it kinda of looks like...too cool though!!!

Shannon said...

he is a total nut... and I am not talking about JD :)

The White House said...

Happy bday to mr finn. I expect pics of your new house