Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beautiful Sunrise...ode to my daughter.

is not my daughter's Birthday!


YES, NYOKA...I am holding true to form.  I am always a day late and a dollar short.

I wanted a day to dedicate to you and since I hadn't blogged in 2 weeks, I spent yesterday explaining it all.

NOW...this is for you Kiddo.

As most of you know I have a daughter named Nyoka.  She was 13 years old when I became her mother.  I would love to say it was an easy adjustment, but I was the intruder to her world.  I was taking over her "Mommy" role and it upset her.  I understand that.  BUT...we worked through it and forged our mommy/daughter role as we find it today.

ALONG the way, I have learned a lot of things about this beautiful woman.

She is:
1.   Thoughtful in the most kind way
2.   Funny in a blond sort of way
3.   Spiritual in an Ammon sort of way
4.   Temperate in a semi Job sort of way
5.   Patient in an enviable way
6.   Entertaining in the best way
7.   Loving in a motherly way
8.   Friendly in a sisterly way
9.   Beautiful in an angelic way
10. Wonderful in every way

I love you Kiddo and I am so blessed to have you as my daughter.  Thank you for being who you are and giving me so many reasons to proud. 


Shannon said...

Happy Birthday to your eldest daughter... she sounds wonderful.

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Love you Nyoka! You are the BEST sister in law EVER and Robin that was BEAUTIFUL! You and Nyoka have a bond that I hope to have someday with Sammi! I envy your relationship! I'm SO glad you came into her life and helped her become the wonderful person she is today! Without you I might not have my sister in law! :)

thehallebunch2 said...

oh mom and MArcie you guys are too sweet! Sniff, sniff! Love you both very much!!