Saturday, May 30, 2009


The mere thought of sitting down to blog has sent shudders up and down my spine.  

Where did my love for blogging go?

Is it the lack of something to say?

Or the lack of energy?


I have been told that I have a lot to say about everything, dare I use the word...."Know It All".  No Way!  I don't know everything, but if I know something about it, you can rest assured I will share what I know.

I have just felt drained.  The cup has been half empty, but that doesn't mean that half hasn't been chock full of blessings.

I have been running.  With the kids in Summer Program (don't you dare call it school) I have 3 hours to my little ole self.  And with that time I have scheduled all these wonderful things to be done without the selfless desire of my offspring to...ahem....HELP.

I have been able to paint the family room finally.  Only took 10 hours.  I did have to allow the artist (Miss Boo) to paint flowers on the wall before I gave it a final coat, but we got it finished.  I am amazed at how a different color can bring warmth to a room I actually try to avoid.  I find myself wandering downstairs just to gaze upon its warm caresses of gold.  Actually the color is camelback, but you can see why I can call it gold.  The moldings of white give it the respect it deserves and compliments it hues.

I am pleased and proud of that room.  Any big project is something that I will glean strength from for some time.  

My office is finally put together and the computer armoire painted to my standards.  That makes it sound like they are high.  After so much painting I decided I could live with it no matter how the last coat turned out.  It was worth the wait.  But...Mr. Finn says after the arduous task of taking it up two flights of stairs that it will never leave this room in one piece.  I concur.

My little boy is running  a fever today and wants his Mommy to come hold him, so I am going to close this blahg with a promise to write more often.  I know how much I enjoy updates on all my blog mates, so I will do my part and do my share.  For everybody...everywhere.


grandmadebbie said...

Way to go !!! I have to have your blog to keep me going... Love you

Will and Marcie Davis said...

I love your blog! I'm SO excited for you and all that you got done! Congrats on painting! I HATE painting and am refusing! :) Maybe someday! :)

Tamaratravel said...

Where is the before and after photos for the living room? That would be a good blog...

Shannon said...

Congratulations on your home improvements! Nothing feels as good as checking a big project off the list. Your armoire looks amazing.
And... I'm glad you're back. :)

Kelley said...

I have those "blawg" times, too. Sometimes it's from lack of things to say; other times, it's lack of time to write. I'm glad you're back.

Are you going to post pictures of your living room? Of course, I'm not really one to ask; I'm always terrible about posting pictures.

BEN and LAURIE said...

I want to see this one in person but it looks like it turned out exactly like you wanted it to. Great job!!